In year 2002, a group of experienced building materials engineers established Hongzan in Foshan City and start to explore the various possibilities of aluminum honeycomb panels in the construction industry.

At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the leaders of Hongzan adhered to the concept of “Artisan’s spirit, serving the world” and invested a lot of manpower and material resources in product development and manufacturing. Hongzan designed and produced a variety of high-tech building materials with aluminum honeycomb panel technology, including aluminum honeycomb panel, stone honeycomb panel, wood honeycomb panel, aluminum honeycomb core, corrugated panel, rock wool panel, FRP composite aluminum honeycomb panel, Ceramic composite aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum solid panel and various customized structures and shapes of aluminum honeycomb panels.

After 20 years of hard work, the company has grown from a small team at the beginning of its establishment to an enterprise with 200 employees, with a dedicated design and R&D team, product testing team, production team, domestic and international trade sales team. Through the efforts of the company’s employees, our products not only supply to dozens of provinces and cities in mainland China, but also exported to the United States, Australia, Russia, Singapore, New Zealand, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, India and other countries.

Our Products

At the beginning of its establishment, Hongzan’s engineers focused their attention on the new type of construction material, aluminum honeycomb composite panel. This is a high-strength and ultra-lightweight building material, with aluminum honeycomb as the core, which can compound a variety of surface materials with different properties and surface patterns. It is loved by many new generation architects. The aluminum honeycomb panel produced by Hongzan is not only apply for use as general housing construction materials for internal and external walls, but also widely used in various vehicles (trains, cars, metro), ships (partitions, floors, wall panels), Furniture (cabinet, table, kitchen equipment) and other fields.

Our Factories

We have FOUR factories in Pearl  River Delta Region. Facilities cover total approximately 90,000 sqm; with 120 sets of specialized machinery.

We have more than 200 workers, 10 experienced engineers and expert sales team.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Factory

Aluminum Honeycomb Core Factory

Stone Honeycomb Panel Factory

Solid Aluminum  Sheet Factory

Production Capacity

  • Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

  • Aluminum Honeycomb Core & Corrugated Honeycomb Panel

  • Stone (Marble, Granite) & Ceramic Honeycomb Panel

  • Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel

  • Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

  • Solid Aluminum Sheet

  • 500,000 SQM Annually

  • 4,500,000 SQM Annually

  • 150,000 SQM Annually

  • 150,000 SQM Annually

  • 130,000 SQM Annually

  • 3,500,000 SQM Annually